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A Textbook of Aphrodisiacs 
 The perfect book to whet one’s appetite and satiate the senses
Lana Citron

A prize-winning author and scriptwriter with twenty years’ professional writing experience, I have published five novels, two non-fiction books and numerous short stories, plays, poems, film scripts, articles and book reviews.


My novels, which have been published in Europe and the US and translated into many languages, are; Sucker, Spilt Milk, TransitThe Honey Trap, and The Brodsky Touch. My first non-fiction work, A Compendium of Kisses  was 'book of the week' in The Economist which described it as ‘an intellectual and indulgent treat; a wonderful and comprehensive book on all things osculatory’.


My plays and scripts include The Love Saboteur and the multi-award-winning short films I was the Cigarette Girl and Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion. The latter is currently used by 3Faiths Forum in their educational program throughout the UK.


I have written numerous articles for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. In 2013 Huffington Post hosted my blog The Diary of an Accidental Mother.


The Kiss
The Honey Trap
Spilt Milk
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'an intellectual and indulgent treat; every dip will prompt a smile, a  shock or perhaps even a thrill...  this is a wonderful and comprehensive book on all things osculatory.’ 

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