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Scrambled Eggs & H.R.t

I was yearning for the past 

Life was moving way too fast 

The bloom and blush of youth now faded 

Glass half-empty 

Kinda jaded 

A little blue  

Full of self-pity

To be blunt

I felt real sh…..



No, no, - my inner Crone did say 

No self defeat! No not today

No time today 

For wallowing 

Or stewing in your stewy stew

Let’s up and get 

And lose those blues

Let’s up and get

And Carpe Diem

There’s things to do 

There’s things to see

Stop navel gazing 

Come with me…


‘Yes,’ I said, ‘you’re right. It’s true

Except, I don’t know what to do 

Or who I am or what I want

I hardly recognise my self

I’m menopausal 

All at sea

Addicted to my HRT


Speak no more, I refuse to listen

To such abject  - pessimism

It really is a crushing bore

Self belief and you will soar


But look it’s true

My face has changed 

My body too,

There’s wrinkles, lines and all is grey 

My tits are sagging to the floor 

My waist what was

Is now no more


I want to wish them all away

I’m ageing and I’d rather not

Feeling smaller, full of fear

Scared I might just disappear 


Come, come my darling, I. My dear! 

I’ll show you how to deal with fear 

You’ll dump it in a refuse sack 

Leave it for the garbage guy 

He’ll pick it up when he comes by.

It’s time to enter the next phase 

Fi - nally Free 

        of the male gaze

Fi - nally Free 

        from the give give years 

There there 

Wipe nose 

Dab dab tears 

No maiden nor no mother more

The nest now empty

Shut the door

Be happy in the home you’ve built 

The love you’ve shared without the guilt. 

You’ve done so much 

And for so many

The face you’ve lined is testimony

Yes, yes be proud 

How far you’ve come  

Too much to list

How much you’ve done 

Who cares what others say or do

Now is the time for 





I like this attitude I say

It makes me feel a lot less grey

It makes me feel a lot less blue

There’s still so much I want to do

There’s still so much I want to say

Quick, quick, a pen an inventory


I’ll realise those dreams once had

Visit cities far and wide

Now is not the time to hide 

I will not weep 

I will not moan 

I will embrace my inner Crone…


You see my dear, my Crone was grinning 

All ends are just be - ginnings   

It’s up to you to keep on going 

Trust your instinct 

Keep on growing 

You have it in you 

This is known 

Words of wisdom 

From my Crone

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