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Edible Pleasures


Aimed at the more discerning gourmand, Edible Pleasures serves up scientific, gastronomic and cultural histories of the unbreakable bond between food and love through the ages; along with a guide to aphrodisiacs and side order of seductive recipes. From bob cocks and flat pricks via the Italian futurist's Tommaso Marinette's Declaration of Love Dinner, to Madame Pompadour's Asparagus Tips and South Park’s Chef’s Hot Salty Chocolate Balls. Edible Pleasures takes a comprehensive look at…


How An Appetite Is Formed

We begin by exploring how an appetite is formed and why universally, culturally and historically food and love have become intertwined across cultures and ages. With The Taste of a Kiss by Martial we delve into the sensory mechanics and etiquette of eating taking in Eroto Labia, Desire Passion and the Pursuit of Oral Pleasure, leading the reader onward to…


 Edible Pleasure and Aphrodisiacs


Over time a vast range of foods Forbidden Fruits, Venerous Vegetables and (for those with a taste for the more exotic), a selection of Fetishist Food. been classified as potentially… potent. That said, there are essentials no self-respecting 'connoisseur of seduction' or 'gastronome of love' would go without. These I have termed the basic Ingredients of Love, an epicurean collection spanning the humdrum and the peculiar to the downright disgustinghave:,


So to the table and the art of seduction

Having explored both the eroticism of appetite and the food that feeds it the book presents the reader with a diverse selection of aphrodisiacal recipes chosen because they have appealed, appalled or amused the author’s cerebral and sensual palate. Written as a  “Love Menu”, this final section begins On the Tip of the Tongue with a collection of love bites, canapés and ‘starter’ recipes, alongside some saucy soups.  Sweetmeats and Love Feasts shift focus from the fripperies and flirtations of the first meeting to a more steadfast and committed love, offering a selection of hearty mains. In honour of the courtesans who introduced so many gourmand dishes to the aphrodisiacal repertoire I offer, A Bit on the Side. Temptation continues with Happy Ever Afters, until, by way of an epilogue, there is, as always, The Morning After.  

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