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Edible Pleasures

Edible Pleasures offers an irresistible guide to understanding the unbreakable bond between food and love - exploring how and why universally, culturally and historically they have become intertwined. From the poetic to the philosophical, the absurd to the abstruse, indulge in scientific, gastronomic and cultural histories, accompanied by an A-Z of aphrodisiacs with a side order of seductive recipes. Lovingly combining delicacies from The Taste of a Kiss by Martial to Madame Pompadour's Asparagus Tips, by way of South Park’s Hot Salty Chocolate Balls, Edible Pleasures is the definitive textbook to food, passion, love and desire.


Perfect for any Christmas gift guides you may have, it would work equally well as a Valentine’s gift, wedding present or even as a dinner party thank you.



an intellectual and indulgent treat; every dip will prompt a smile, a shock or perhaps even a thrill.” the Economist on A Compendium of Kisses

Edible Pleasures


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