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Space Precinct 
Acting Out
Idris Elba

A ‘Mná na hÉireann’ called me on the ‘aul ‘hello hello’.  ‘Did you see yourself on the Graham Norton show last night?’

'You what?'

An old school friend from way back, the Emerald Isle where up I grew. She happened to have been in on a Friday evening, watching the telly box. The gleeful smack of her lips was audible, ‘and you’re never going to believe this, there you were on The Graham Norton show! Fame at last.’ 


Space Precinct - my big break!

A drug war was raging in Demeter City and a professional assassin was taking out the competition. The sole survivor of an attack on drug baron Oturi Nisei was pretty alien girl, Aleesha Amyas - aka yours truly. 


Aleesha Amyas walks into the room, ‘Are you involved in the case Oturi? She twirls green curls, (curls that hang half way down her back), round a pretty little finger. Her expression is one of contrived innocence. 

Oturi, the evil drug baron pats a space on the sofa beside him. She obliges, sits, eyelashes aflutter, ‘So Oturi what can I do for you?’

He tells her to do what she does best. 

‘Be pretty.’

Aleesha Aymas has gone method, Stanislaus would be proud. Such prettiness! ‘Of course you must remember everyone has a good side,’ she shows Oturi her pendant necklace, a golden face which flips over, changing expression, from amicable friend to frowning foe, ‘and a bad side.’ 

She leaves such profundity to sink in. 

‘Even you?’ Asks Oturi. 

She nods. 

But Aleesha Aymas is much more than her exterior, so much more than just a pretty face.When roused she mutates. Dips her head down, tosses her hair over her head to reveal the true monster within. Shock! Horror! Aymas is the assassin! (Bet you didn’t see that coming.)


Aleesha sits prettily on the side of the sofa as Uturi strokes her face. Then the pizza delivery boy arrives.


On the way to the studio the driver had asked me to sign his autograph book incase I made it big one day.


The actor who had played pizza delivery guy travelled back on the train with me to central London. He gave me his number and asked if I had a boyfriend. He said he was going to LA. There we were two young actors chatting on a train, both at critical points in their respective careers. This role marked the beginning of his and the end of mine. He did go to LA.


Graham Norton was talking to Idris Elba, 6th October 2017 and with relish he says, ‘Now Idris,’ just after Kate Winslet  had shared Idris’ not so secret foot fetish, ‘Now, Idris you weren’t always great with the American accent - (Like so much porno this episode of Space Precinct was completely dubbed.)

‘I know what’s coming,’ says Idris and the above scene rolled. 

If tempted to view, it’s in the public domain, available on You-tube, type ‘Idris Elba, Space Precinct, Double Duty’.


‘Didn’t I tell you…’ said one of my oldest, dearest friends,  ‘See, you’re famous.’  

I watched myself walk across the screen. There I was, 25 years younger and half my current size. 


In a drawer, in a chest in my bedroom there’s an old address book, and under the letter E is Idris Ebla’s phone number with a little note. 

‘Call me.’ 



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